Custom Order

How do I order one?

Orders are first come first served.

Orders get done in batches: once the spots are filled I will no longer take commissions until the next batch is open. (Usually one-two weeks per batch containing 7 slots.)

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What do you need?

  1. Design.
    You just need an idea. I can prepare everything else.
    If design is ready you can attach it to the form or send by e-mail / instagram.
  2. Size you want your rug to be.
  3. How many colours to use.
  4. Wall hanging rug? Mention it as well!


Pricing depends on the size, details and how many colours be used.

Base prices are:
50×50 cm – 70 €
90×90 cm – 120 €
120×120 cm – 170 €
140×160 cm – 230 €

For an exact quote on commission make sure to contact me.